Healthy Eating

We feed children the natural way!

For us at BabyCare, 'Healthy eating' is a return to traditional foods and eating habits but with one significant difference.
In the light of contemporary, dietary knowledge, we promote less fatty- and generally “lighter” - food products.

The principles of natural feeding are as follows:

- We use only local, home-grown, seasonal vegetables and fruit. They are healthy since they have not been transported over long distances. They have not been treated with chemicals to preserve their freshness. They contain plenty of vitamins.

- We source them from ecological plantations where they have not been treated with chemicals; they will also be cheaper, when in season, than any imported bananas and oranges which were all the rage 20 years ago, since they are available everywhere and always.

- Our home-grown fruit can be eaten whole along with the peel in which there are many of valuable nutrients. Wherever possible, we try to use both the vegetable's roots and leaves as is the case with parsley and young beetroot.

- We select only the least processed foods and use such as wholemeal flour and herbs instead of ready-made spices with their high amounts of salt.
We also only source meat from free-range animals.

At BabyCare, we are ever mindful that the above rules are especially important where developing and growing children are concerned. That is why we feed our children with a natural variety of foods ensuring for them a well-balanced diet.

Additionally, they will form healthy eating habits in their early years which will last them for the rest of their lives!

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