At BabyCare, we consider children to be persons deserving of our utmost attention.

They will develop perfectly well under the care and guidance of caring teachers, becoming not only the pride and joy of their parents, but succeeding in their future lives. We know how important the team of teachers and tutors can be. Our teachers are highly qualified but still continuously extend the scope of their knowledge and skills. They learn and implement the latest working methods. They treat children with due attention and respect and give them a feeling of safety, motivating the little ones to discover the world, enhancing their creativity by carrying out diversified and interesting classes.

To take even better care of our children, specialists from various disciplines support our teachers in their endeavours. A pediatrician takes care of the children’s health and a psychologist and speech therapist take care of their correct psychological and verbal development. Moreover, well-educated instructors, each a specialist in his field, help to develop the many talents of the children and are always able to find common ground with the little ones. We co-operate with the soloist and the conductor of the Mazowsze Ensemble who undertake the musical workshops and also co-operate with an artist from the Academy of Fine Arts who familiarises the children with art and unleashes their aesthetic sensitivities.

In this manner, at BabyCare, we undertake the comprehensive development of the children in our care from their earliest days.

 The Influence of Music on the Development of the Child
Music is an art people need since through music and in music we create our world of experience and the emotions which enrich our lives. 
Innovative neuro-developmental theory
Did you know that the development and structure of the brain are not genetically determined?
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