The Art Studio

Creative Hands

Painting, using the hands and fingers, has a lot in common with the natural propensity to daub oneself!
It delights the children and gives them much enjoyment.
During these classes, the children paint with their hands on large sheets of paper with lots of freedom, choosing their own colours and painting techniques such as smudging, patting, rubbing, putting layer upon layer and then painting, making dots and many other ways.
Most children love to paint with their fingers! This is partly due to the fact that while painting with their fingers, they can make themselves as dirty as possible and make lots of mess with no comebacks. Painting with the fingers is one of the most exciting and satisfying forms of creative expression for children. It might not do much for strengthening little fingers and hands but it certainly does help with colour creativity.

The Colour Pageant

Sensitivity to colour, often called colour sense, is akin to having an ear for music.
It is largely an inherent feature.
However, as with an ear for music, just how this feature is shaped and developed also depends on the influence of the environment. The ability to play with colours and recognise them influences sensitivity, aesthetics and develops creativity.
Our “Colour Pageant” art workshops explore the emotions in depth while providing, at the same time, huge fun for the children. Children are able to experience the full gamut of colours and experiment with them. This results in our children creating unusual collages and landscapes made from a rainbow of colours and materials of various textures and shapes.

 The Influence of Music on the Development of the Child
Music is an art people need since through music and in music we create our world of experience and the emotions which enrich our lives. 
Innovative neuro-developmental theory
Did you know that the development and structure of the brain are not genetically determined?
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