The Intellectual Studio

Children’s mathematics

Supporting the mental development of a child is as important as the strengthening of his mobility and his social and emotional development. Developing logical thinking intuitively shapes ideas in the child’s mind. These ideas will then form the starting point for the learning of mathematics in the later stages of a child’s education. They will also help the child to manage the various situations in life. Mathematical concepts, when formed properly, will develop the child’s mental abilities and will decide his success in learning and will make the achievement of above average results possible in the assimilation of mathematics.
These goals can be best achieved during such games, play and tasks in which children can manipulate various objects many times.

We base our teaching on subjects that are of interest to little ones such as colours, shapes, counting and the sensory cognition of the world. We encourage our children to experience objects by touch, to study the textures of objects, to determine their weight and size and classify them. Poems, children rhymes, and songs help us towards this goal. We use mathematics at play everywhere – in the room, in the garden, while washing our hands, yes, everywhere..! We kindle the child’s natural curiosity of the surrounding world.

Children’s sign language

Children’s sign language has the wonderful possibility of communicating with little ones by means of gestures before they start talking. It is a wonderful game based on simple gestures which are used to describe objects and the needs and feelings of a child who cannot communicate with words.
Using sign language stimulates and makes learning to speak easier for little children.

 The Influence of Music on the Development of the Child
Music is an art people need since through music and in music we create our world of experience and the emotions which enrich our lives. 
Innovative neuro-developmental theory
Did you know that the development and structure of the brain are not genetically determined?
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