The Movement Studio

'Veronica Sherborne' Developmental Movement

Developmental movement is a set of exercises devised by Veronica Sherborne based on the natural needs of children when in contact with adults.
The value of this method consists in its simplicity and naturalness. It is based on a child’s eagerness and need to frolic and to spontaneously play and be carefree.
The basic assumptions of this method are the development of the consciousness of a child’s own body, improving mobility and learning about -and sharing space with - others. The younger the children are, the more they need touch which is, for a child, a manifestation of attention and tenderness. Developmental movement means cuddling, swinging, bearing aloft and mapping the body by means of touch.
Ms Aneta is expert in the Veronica Sherborne Method at our crèche and is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and also a real sports buff.

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