The BabyCare Programme consists of a unique combination of workshops, which we call 'The Children's Ateliers'.

These classes, conducted in an appropriate amount of time and at the correct frequency, support the regular and harmonious development of the child. Moreover, much time is devoted to singing, the recounting of long and beautiful fairy tales and to the reading of important children’s classics, all against a musical backdrop. We select our musical repertoire for the children with great care in order to familiarise them with the most noteworthy pieces of music from their earliest years.

In doing so, we encourage both the development of the child's speech abilities and a richness of vocabulary which leads to a sound basis with which to encourage the child to be open to the world and acceptant of new experiences and further education.

 The Influence of Music on the Development of the Child
Music is an art people need since through music and in music we create our world of experience and the emotions which enrich our lives. 
Innovative neuro-developmental theory
Did you know that the development and structure of the brain are not genetically determined?
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