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In Zambia, where over 20% of children are orphans, the life of every mother is more precious than gold.

In the very heart of the African bush, in a village called Mpanshya in Zambia, is the St. Luke's Mission Hospital which is run by the Polish nuns of St. Charles Borromeo. They have organised a beautiful delivery suite for women from the Zambian province so that the women may give birth in decent conditions. Traditional birthing in villages close by or further away, too often ends with complications and, not infrequently, with death.

In the beginning, it was difficult for the hospital to compete with age-old tradition nor did the vast territory serviced by this hospital favour the quick spread of information about its activities. The Borromeo Sisters started to prepare little parcels with a layette for those pregnant women who did decide to try to deliver their babies in the hospital.

In Zambia, where more than 20% of children are orphans, the life of every mother is more precious than gold.The little parcels were meant as an incentive for the pregnant women. Slowly, more and more women started to appear at the Mission Hospital shortly before they were due to give birth. Currently, about 50 children are delivered in this hospital each month. The professional care of the midwives and the gynecologist ensures that both the women and their newly-born babies are given a greater chance of surviving should complications arise. The sisters try to give small gifts to the new mothers who have chosen the hospital which, for them, often means a long and tiring journey of several days and on foot too!
The layettes are made up of gifts sent by the Mission's donors.

In October, BabyCare will be joining this remarkable initiative. We will encourage the mothers of our nursery children to donate items of clothing, powdered formula milk for babies, blankets and feeding bottles and post-partum sleepers.

“Kidscollege Kindergartens” have been supporting pre-schoolers – Monica and Emmanuel from Zambia - for a year now, in accordance with the Group Adoption Programme.
Now the time has come for Zambian infants and their mothers!

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